Prima Stable

A belt that is self-centring on the conveyor


PRIMA STABLE belts provide the solution to problems of belt alignment with a unique body creating a naturally self-centring e ect. PRIMA STABLE is particularly used on mobile and reversible equipment where o set problems are most frequent. They also have excellent stability on conveyors operating on a curve.

PRIMA STABLE belts are speci cally suited to conveyors with carrying roller stations with 3 rollers and are able to operate with trough angles ranging from 35° to more than 60°.

  • PRIMA STABLE belts require no additional device. Their installation and maintenance are conventional just like any other belt.
  • PRIMA STABLE belts are available in textile and metal versions, suitable for a range of applications and conveyors.


Información adicional


1.- La banda se centra ella sola
2.- Uso en transportadores reversibles y móviles
3.- Reduce la pérdida de material provocada por la desviación de la banda
4.- Reduce el deterioro de los cantos provocado por la desviación de la banda
5.- Puede utilizarse con un ángulo de artesa de hasta 90°
6.- Puede utilizarse en transportadores curvos