E105 Primary Belt Cleaner/Scraper

  • As a Primary Cleaner, when wet and sticky materials are conveyed.
  • May be mounted directly under the head pulley.
  • Can be used individually or in tandem as the secondary cleaner.
  • Suitable for all types of conveyor belts and metal fastener systems.
  • Specially formulated polymeric blades give maximum life, and keep the possibility of damage to belt repairs, splices, and metal fasteners to a minimum.
  • Patented blade design ensures an optimum combination of flexibility and stiffness to adapt to belt profile.
  • Patented V-base blade mounting makes blade changing quick and simple.
  • Brelko self-adjusting torsion mountings allow the cleaner to maintain a constant pressure on the belt and greatly extend adjustment intervals, also available in the standard adjustable mounting.
  • All metal components can be made from corrosion resistant materials.