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Belt Tracking System – 3/5 Roll Troughing Frame

  • Install the Belt Tracking System on the troughing side of the belt to centralize a misaligned belt, prevent spillage, decrease downtime, decrease maintenance and extend belt life.
  • Easy installation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Vibration free rolling action.
  • Simplified design.
  • Operates in all conditions.
  • Manufactured according to S.A.B.S. & PROK & mounting standards, but can accommodate other standards on request.
  • Conforms to C.E.M.A. Standards.
  • Fully sealed construction of bearing housing prevents ingress of material into the bearing unit.
  • Robust construction for extended life.
  • Proven polyurethane-molded impact rolls last up to 3 times longer than standard rubber lagged idlers.
  • Does not make use of side mounted guide idlers to activate the system.