Hi-Impact Idler System

  • A load point belt support system designed to offer maximum impact absorbing capabilities.
  • Suitable for all belt conveyors where large particle size and severe impact load conditions occur.
  • Unique torsion arm mountings absorb impact loads and are self-damping.
  • Polyurethane impact rolls help to extend belt life.
  • Proven polyurethane-molded impact rolls last up to 3 times longer than standard rubber lagged idlers.
  • The support frame is available in standard 78 inches length and fitted with 5 strings of idler rolls.
  • The support frame is designed to replace existing roller cradles and fixed to conveyor stringers.
  • Open construction makes the clean-up of spillage and roll replacement very easy.
  • Polyurethane idler roll arrangement promotes correct belt alignment.