With our line of services oriented towards OTR tires, we seek to provide exemplary quality control so that our clients can carry out their projects with the utmost efficiency.
  • Initial evaluation
      • Identification of the problem with an on-site visit
      • Evaluation is performed in the field of operating conditions
  • Study of conditions
      • Evaluation is carried out with data delivered by the customer, with the purpose of choosing the best tire alternative, as well as reviewing scrap piles
  • Tire management
      • Presentation of tires and Monitoring made by an engineer
      • Articulation of promises and mapping of key processes
      • Implementation
      • Development of control panel with KPIs
      • Implementation settings
      • Comprehensive tire advice
  • Tire Repair
    • Validation of critical parameters.
    • Constant feedback of deviations and reportability
    • Cleaning components
    • Base ring lubrication
    • Tire assembly
    • Adjustment of components
    • Pressurized tire