Unaffected by oil, grease and water, RubberLoc provides uncompromising solutions in the toughest environments. With rapid cure time, easy surface prep and application, RubberLoc allows for normal use of conveyor belts in as little as one hour. 

Outstanding adhesion, durability and abrasion resistance dramatically increase conveyor belt service life. RubberLoc can be used on longitudinal cuts, skid board abrasion zones and thru holes.

Each kit can repair a 12″ by 4″ hole in a 3/4″ belt, and comes with all the essential components for a fast, permanent repair:

  • Rubberloc material
  • Surface cleaner
  • Adhesion primer
  • Application tool
  • Stir stick
  • Full set of instructions

Shore 70:

Safe protection of components subject to wear and tear in dry processes. High degree of resistance to breakage, abrasion and wear.

  • Application: Drum liners driven and non-driven of high tension conveyor belts. Material transfer points, hoppers, vibration chutes, agglomerating drums, etc.

Shore 60:

Safe protection of components subject to wear in dry processes. Medium-High degree of resistance to wear by dry abrasion and impact. 

  • Application: Coating of drums in medium tension conveyor belts. Lining of material transfer points and impact walls such as chutes, hoppers, silos and other elements subjected to wear and abrasion processes.

Shore 25/35/40:

Safe protection of components subject to wear in wet processes. High elasticity, resilience and resistance to wear.



For pulley coating, with pattern and adherent layer

Ensures the grip between pulley and belt, necessary for the operation. Its outlined diamond pattern allows rapid removal of water and wet material. In addition, this design gives it a higher dynamic coefficient of friction compared to smooth coatings.

The resilience and hardness of the coating makes it very resistant to incrustations and tears produced by the transported material, which in the long run minimizes the accumulations of material on the pulley, which lead to unfavorable conditions for the system such as misalignment and possible damage to the pulley. tape cover.

They are ideal for protecting and covering the mantle of deflector pulleys subjected to medium stresses and at high transport speeds. Excellent performance and durability in drums exposed to wet material, water and dust.


  • Reduces slippage between conveyor belt and drum
  • Increases and stabilizes the coefficient of friction
  • Displaces moisture and dirt
  • Protects drums against wear and corrosion
  • Avoid fouling
  • Reduces the off-center effect of the tape
  • Deep profiling for high dirt retention and long service life


  • Deflector pulleys in the presence of wet material, to minimize slippage
  • Useful for driving pulleys of various diameters, given its excellent flexibility and adaptability properties
  • Pulleys that show excessive wear due to the accumulation of the material in the coating
  • Coating of pulleys subjected to medium / high operational stresses
  • Ideal for lining large diameter and long drum sheaves requiring in-situ repair (Cold)


For pulley lining with ceramic inserts for greater traction

Greater friction between pulley and belt allows less belt tension: TTM Ceramic Grip allows a substantial increase in traction over conventional coatings eliminating the problems of slippage of the pulley with the belt. Higher traction allows less tension to be applied than required with a rubber coating. The partial elimination of excess tension allows a longer life of the conveyor components such as the belt, bearings, pulleys and liners.


Even in wet and muddy conditions, studded ceramics adhere well to the strap and spread mud and dirt.


High Alumina ceramic can last up to 8 times longer than ordinary rubber lining. In high wear applications TTM Grip Cerámicos has demonstrated better performance than any other brand of ceramic pulley liner.


Due to the positive grip that TTM Ceramic Grip maintains with the strap, alignment can be improved by eliminating damage to the strap edges.

Design: Encapsulated design of the ceramic allows for greater flexibility of the coating. The Ceramic System embedded in the rubber prevents the detachment of these caused by stress.

Areas of Application:

  • Drum coating in extreme application conditions
  • In case of humidity, mud, mud and material with abrasive characteristics
  • Also in the case of high-tension tapes
  • Especially on drive drums subject to high wear (CK)