E405 V-Plough

  • The E405 V-Plow is designed to be easily installed in a trailing configuration on the inner surface of a conveyor belt return strand just before any nip position, allowing it to remove and thus prevent any material which has spilled onto the inner surface from being carried into the nip.
  • Where material can only be discharged on one side of the conveyor belt or the belt is reversible, use the E505 Angle Plow
  • Unique track-mounted cleaning blade facilitates very easy and quick blade change.
  • Parallel tri-link mounting allows the plow to move freely thus maintaining constant contact with the belt.
  • Specially formulated PU blades ensure maximum blade life and minimum belt wear.
  • Unique hinged assembly results in compact packaging for easy transport and installation.
  • Can be mounted on the top, bottom, or inside of the stringers.
  • Interlocking blades ensure no blade distortion at the leading edge.
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