Tire Maintenance

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At Austral Mining Services, ensuring that the equipment we supply to our clients is kept in optimal condition is a priority. For this reason, we offer maintenance services in order to ensure that your projects and operations remain at the margin of efficiency you seek.

  • Tire Management
      • Incorporation of tire history into database and transfer to Goodyear licensed ®EMTRUCK tire tracking software.
  • Tire Workshop Control
    • Measurement and control of pressure, temperature and remaining rubber, according to condition monitoring parameters.
    • Stock control and program recommendations
  • Technical support
    • Pressure recommendations according to operating load indexes
    • Damage assessment and preventive repair recommendations.
    • Generation of rotation and change programs to increase yields.
    • TKPH analysis, according to requirements.
    • Presentation of management reports and monitoring of KPIs.
    • Training talks, tire courses, internal training.