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What do we do?

At Austral Mining Services, we seek to provide reliable and long-lasting solutions for the mining, cement, port, oil and gas industries and the extractive and productive industries in general.

We focus our work on continuous 24/7 advice, making analysis criteria with international standards available to our clients to make the best decisions that lead to reducing their maintenance costs and increasing the availability of the operation.


  • Conveyor belts
  • Rollers
  • CT Cleaning Solutions and Equipment
  • Components for Transfer Points
  • Coating for Chutes with Liners of:
    • Ceramics
    • Rubber
    • Rubber-Ceramic
    • Bi-metallic
  • Mill Linings
  • Screens for Screeners
  • Pulley Liners
  • Hot Splicing Presses
  • Splicing Services for CT
  • Mechanical Splices
  • Repair Polymers for Textile Tapes and ST
  • Polymeric Systems for Corrosion Protection
  • Conveyor Belt Services:
    • Audit
    • Certification
    • Reliability
  • OTR tires
  • Tire Maintenance Engineering
  • Hydraulic Jacks for High Tonnage Trucks
  • Equipment and Tools for Mounting and Dismounting of OTR Tires
  • Dock Fenders
  • Buoys
  • Mooring lines
  • Navigation Aid Equipment
  • Off-Shore Hoses
  • Development Engineering and Improvements in CT Systems and Components in General

Security Measures

At AMS, we seek that all our projects maintain a degree of safety and care to ensure that our operations are safe and sound at all times.

  • For services, we keep a constantly updated startup folder with:
    • Work procedures
    • Risk matrices
    • Accreditation of personal protection elements
    • Induction of new operations
    • Delivery of internal regulations
    • Accreditation of personnel who drive
    • Accreditation of vans in use
    • Prevention plans
    • Staff employment contracts
    • Procedures broadcasts

    When carrying out projects in the plant, we work with permits issued by the client, such as:

    • Critical work permit
    • Lock Permission
    • Height Permit
    • Confined Space Permit
    • ART / ATS (Safe Work Analysis)
    • We also have instructions from the client to create a safe work environment. This is done through short 5-minute talks, Toolkit checklists, and Peace safety booklets.

    As a community, we seek that our operatives can access information and a contact network, achieving this through systems such as:

    • Antirion
      • Here we upload e-200 statistics and annex 7 related to the man hours generated in these projects
    • WebControl
      • In this system we upload the documentation for the release of payment statements. They will look like:
      • Salary Payments
      • F-30, F-30.1, F-29
      • Quote Payments
      • Remuneration Books
      • Accident Statistics